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Socialism in Music – Jango

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This is about an application I have written so that customers can play their own songs in a cafe. The user interface looks like this ->
Jango app

  • User can delete his/her song by just clicking on the song, in his playlist. If such a thing is done on some elses song, a pop up pops up (which indeed is irritating, but you are not allowed to do that!)
  • User can add his/her song by clicking on the song, which he wants to be played. In that case, the selected song fades out, but is not removed from the songs pool. Refreshing the page fades it in. Also, the selected song appears below your name in global playlist.
  • Currently, the client continuously pings the server for some update. Shall rewrite it to use Comet technology. Due to short time frame, went for this short fall. But, it works…
  • In the middle of the page i wrote messaging app. For crap people, to write crap! Its fun…Mostly, I use it to convey messages to others regarding application status. It is a cool thing, recently it was used in planning a beer party or request for lowering the volume, or a call for smoke.
  • Songs can be searched as it can be seen in the image.
  • Songs in the database can be renamed. This idea came up when one of my friends criticized about the wrong naming of the song ‘Man who sold the world’ (in database it was, ‘Monk’ in place of ‘Man’).
  • Songs can be added to the database from users computer. This needs the user to be privileged.
  • I use closure-compiler by Google for obfuscating and optimizing code.
  • Page also has ‘Python Powered’ logo! I love it!
  • In the backend I used Django as I was not at all willing to work with php. This came out of love for python. It really made development fast.
  • Writing frontend is kind of crappy! But jQuery helped a lot. It solved the problem of browser incompatibility.
  • Music is played by 2 lines of vlc player Python API on the server.
  • Jango is under active development, and fuckin lovin it!


Written by LaFolle

August 4, 2011 at 23:00

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