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I chose a project this time that would give me exposure to two interelated fields of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. Another good thing about them is that both include a hell lot of math, mainly Linear Algebra. Rather CV includes more. CG also include 2D and 3D coordinate geometry. Fun!

I am overloaded these days. Not with CG, but CV as it is a new field for me and I have just started. No doubt, I am damn excited. Only thing that makes me uneasy is the unavailability of Matlab for Unix based systems. We do have Octave, but wherever I see, its the Matlab that is being talked about. I have not explored Octave much, so can not say how it really suffers. But lets see what happens. And I am such a bigot that I can not switch to Windows at any cost.

So, vaguely, the project consists of 3 patrs.

  1. Modelling
  2. Interface
  3. Vision system

Modelling is done in OpenGL while VS will include the use of OpenCV. Interface is neutral, and have not thought about it much. Modelling includes elements which will be effected by the cause seen by the VS. Interface acts as a mediator between the two systems.

Today I will be going on with DIP. And switching with CG to improve the model.


Written by LaFolle

February 8, 2011 at 18:48

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