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It is better to be logged in as a normal user rather than root, simply because it is safe. Sometimes I do get irratated of doing su or su -c again and again, but, what I have realised is that it is my inefficieny in working that makes it irritating. Leaving a window to do previledged jobs is a better option.

So, most of the time I am working as a normal user. But when I start using root’s shell, I am devoid of all the settings, like that of vim, or some env variables, or shell settings, which I have set in /home/kc ‘run command’ files. To get rid of this problem I create symlinks ,to rc files lying in /home/kc, in /root. This indeed solves the problem.

But there exists a better solution ie to put all common settings in /etc configuration files rather than creating hard links.

They indeed play a good role in maintaining single source of information. So, if I have all my media files in /dev/sda3, then I can refer to them by creating [sym/hard]links to /dev/sda3 in any place I want.


Written by LaFolle

January 11, 2011 at 02:39

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