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Last night, first Ubuntu crashed. Then Gentoo’s display blew off. I did not find any reason for the former, but for the latter the problem was that after each time you update your xorg-server(which is done on emerge –sync or in my case, emerge-webrsync), you have to explicitly update x11-drivers. If you miss this, you will be thrown to a CLI with irritatingly large font size. Problem was also with installing nvidia-drivers as it was conflicting with nvidiafb which I built in the kernel(and which indeed is a wrong step). Had to reinstall Ubuntu, thanks to the CD from LFY, which took some 15 minutes. Once Ubuntu was installed, I fixed Gentoo by chrooting into it. With time, I am finding increasing use of chrooting. Awsome!

My network card is Broadcom 4313. It should have been supported by b43 driver in kernel. But it failed. After blacklisting it(b43), I went for broadcom-sta. Installing it made me unset CONFIG_SSB, CONFIG_80211(was something like this) and Broadcom support in kernel. Re-compiling and reinstalling and rebooting (kenel) detected the NIC and gave it the name eth1, as opposed to wlan0 in Ubuntu.

Right now, installing vlc which is around 230MB(dependencies included) with speed being 100KB/s.


Written by LaFolle

December 22, 2010 at 11:58

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