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Yeah, after hours of continuous sitting, i have spirited the machine. Windows was indeed, helpful. My friend has reliance Netconnect which was working connecting his computer to the internet. My computer’s devoidness of the internet was wiped out by Windows sharing Reliance net connection with my raw machine via ethernet. So, dhcp client in Jaguareins got the IP from Windows machine and the net was up. Internet is really important for installing Gentoo. Unlike, Ubuntu, all core softwares are downloaded from the internet.

Installation of Ubuntu (ie copying of files form CD-ROM to hard disk) was nearly equal(15 to 16 min) to compilation of kernel for Gentoo.

Right now the state of Jaguareins is this:

  1. It is not detecting my integrated wireless card, which is Broadcom BCM4313
  2. External wireless NIC is also not being detected, which is Linksys WUSB54gc ver 3
  3. Desktop environment is wmii, its MODKEY is not working, ie ALT+enter does not fire up rxvt virtual terminal
  4. Camera is not working
  5. I was a bit skeptic about Gentoo supporting nVidia GeForce 310M, but I guess it did work, because I do see a flash of nVidia logo on starting of X.
  6. Still 400GB of disk space is left which I need to allocate.
  7. Ubuntu 10.10 is also installed, in case I need the GUI or office application for Mobile Computing slides.
  8. Memory allocation is like this:
    • /boot is /dev/sda1 which is 1GB
    • / (root) is 95 GB which is /dev/sda2
    • swap is 4 GB which is /dev/sda3
    • Ubuntu is 10 GB and is /dev/sda4
  9. Basic programs for programming are all there, like, vim, gcc, g++, python. Lisp and edwin is still not there. Need to get it from lisp overlay which I am definitely not going for
    right now.

Written by LaFolle

December 5, 2010 at 12:18

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