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Open SUSE, Ubuntu and the machine (Jaguariens)

Right now working on Open SUSE. Only reason this is better than Ubuntu, right now, is because I can use vim to write as it comes pre-installed with it. Ubuntu comes with vi. It should definitely come with vim pre-installed. Moreover, can’t listen to music as I do not have codecs for mp3. Both Ubuntu and Open SUSE have the same problem. I know its because of some liscence issues. But in the end, such things do disappoint end users. Another problem with Ubuntu is that it can not wake up my screen after waking up, which Open SUSE can do. Just tested.

Laptop is cool. Considering its configuration and looks. Thing which I do not like and did not even notice when I chose the computer, is that its screen flattens only up to 120 degrees. Lenovo Y410 could go upto 160 degrees, which I did enjoy. In fact I have just felt that, as I am sitting on the couch and trying to flatten it up a bit more. But I do not want to jerk it off right now. Sound is much better than previous one. And speakers are much more intelligently placed than that in Lenovo Y410. Such that sound is not masked by environment.

Battery gives 3 hours of back up. Waiting to install Gentoo and then wmii. wmii is a great and a true light weight window manager. No internet connection and bullshit exams. Reasons for the delay.


Written by LaFolle

December 1, 2010 at 19:02

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