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Why religion?

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What do you get of killing people? How can God love you for this barbarous act of merciless killing? Have people lost their minds? Is religion uniting people? Are we obeying our religion? Is religion good for anything?

Times are changing, and so should our thoughts. Gone are the days when women used to be considered as inferior species. Those who still live with such orthodox beliefs, are the ones who are evil in our society. And we should discard every religion that considers any specie to be inferior. How can God discriminate? If he can, he is not God.

Frankly, I am against the whole notion of God but force. A great force. Force that governs the mechanics of our Universe. We do see affects of such force in mathematical equations describing different physical phenomenon. Its some fucked people who created the idea of religion, and worst, manifested it, giving world more pain than peace. Bad designers. They should have anticipated the future or should have given some thought. It is just another metric of division of human beings. I am a Hindu by inheritance, and none by choice. We can read a hell lost of books on religion. Glean all the good sayings and phrases of peaces from holy books, but we do be good human beings. We do not practice what we preach.

May be Gods have become selfish. They are our generals and we their soldiers. They are fighting among themselves to be the God of Gods.

We should choose our religion by our will, not by inheritance or force. Because the times are changing. Islam is not what it was 100 years ago. Precisely, its preachings have remained same, but people have misinterpreted it and corrupted it with their own selfish thoughts. Religion killed Galileo, religion killed people in Moscow, London, Mumbai, Lahore, Kashmir, Punjab and New York.

Discovery of religion can be compared to the invention of dynamite. At first people thought that it is going to be a good entity to make their lives easier, safer and peaceful, but as evidence shows, they were wrong. And dependents are now living to clean up their ancestors’ shit.


Written by LaFolle

November 20, 2010 at 21:33

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