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Yesterday, and a day before yesterday

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I have my exams from 2nd. But just dont feel like studying for them. Just hate to be in a colllege. And yes a bit disturbed by the brutal act played by the so called ‘men of God’. I am feeling like shit as i am sitting in this pit. Neutralised and moulded by the system.

I love the world of Open Source. Why??…well…the reason is in the name itself. And also the large community that has developed around it. Its been a year and a half since i am using Linux and preaching Open Source. And i feel like saying it again, I just love it. But i do consider myself, a novice in this world, as i havent seen much of it. And am looking forward to attend as many FOSS events to be held in future. I missed this December held in IISc Bangalore, because of the first line in this blog.

A day before yesterday i was at Barista with a senior named Ayush Joshi, 3rd year IT, a senior full of ideas, but lacks tools for implementing them. We went mainly to study for the sem. Concentrating less on electronics book(man…i dont even remember the name), i spent most of the time watching updates of terrorism in Mumbai. And after sometime, something striked me. And on which i am still pondering over. How can the world of Open Source help stop terrorism? It has helped the educational sector, corporate sector etc to evolve. But how can it contribute to the national security? I think the Open Source community should really start pondering over this. Also talked about this to two other seniors, named Rupak sir and Vikas sir. But Rupak sir’s vast knowledge of anything and everything, made us question existing dogmas. Need more time to write more, but lacking former.

Well, right now i think i should concentrate on clearing my present and ‘past’ papers. Hope that one day i’ll clear them. And be like everyone else.


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November 30, 2008 at 09:54

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  1. I’m honoured that i got a mention in your blog. First of all i’d like to request you to stop calling me sir. I have not been knighted or given the title of SIR. So you can just call me Rupak. The senior junior thing no longer exists between us. You might have noticed that vikas, ayush dont call me sir anymore. Just become less formal

    Now coming to your blog. Well impressive. You’ve made a good start. Keep the ideas flowing.


    December 16, 2008 at 20:05

  2. karan well done…
    just you need to do the compulsory things in life, but flourish your ideas and interests that will lead to success. I am saying this, coz I faced the same feelings when I was there.
    Just keep the fire ignited within you.
    wishing u luck..


    December 20, 2008 at 06:59

  3. Hey,
    coming back to this post causes nostalgia. They were the days when we were free of worries. But time flies by. And remember that it will for you too. So do clear your past papers at the earliest. And continue your good work. Keep going. All the best.

    Rupak Banerjee

    April 26, 2009 at 21:29

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